MA Fleet Driver Training

Business Benefits of Better Driving


If a key employee was off work because of a motoring accident:

We believe that effective management of Health and Safety on the road, as well as in the office:

By taking this active step in driver training, you are not only reducing costs to your business, but are also helping to protect your employees, keeping them healthier and safer, both in work and whilst driving socially.

Some of the direct key benefits of fleet risk assessment and coaching are:

Remember that the smaller a business you are, the bigger the impact of a serious incident.

*Trials conducted by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) during 2004 showed an 8.5% improvement in fuel efficiency for drivers on a set course after 2 hours of training.  (With 5 vehicles travelling 20,000 miles/year each that’s a saving of around £1,500 a year on fuel alone.)

(Source: UKERC Sept 2006)