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Causing death by careless driving



Under new Road Safety Act laws, which came into force on 28th August 2008, drivers who kill whilst distracted by carrying out an avoidable activity whilst driving, could face up to five years in prison. Previously the maximum sentence was a fine and penalty points. Avoidable activities include; calling or texting from a mobile phone, eating and drinking, or putting on make-up.

Drivers may blame their employer for making them work excessive hours and not allowing them adequate time for meal breaks, or pressurising them to make business calls whilst driving. Therefore it is important that companies have a clear “Driving for Work Policy” which clearly states that all activities unrelated to safe driving practices are prohibited.


Road deaths remain unchanged

Newly released figures from the DfT suggest that one in twelve accidents involved someone driving whilst on company business, although this figure could be much higher.


Currently 77% of vehicles involved in an accident which resulted in police involvement have had the reason for their journey recorded as “other” or “not classified”


30,567 cars were involved in at-work crashes

24,609 crashed whilst commuting to and from work

8,670 goods vehicles were involved in crashes of which 51% were LCV


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